About us

Travelling is breaking free from monotony.

To travel means to set our inner child free of all boundaries and to spark the natural curiosity which defines each one of us. Travelling helps us to know new cultures, explore new places, and admire the beauty of nature at its best. In other words, it is a like a whole new world of opportunities uncover in front of us when we travel.

It is the love of travel that inspired the founders of Cheap Ticket Shop LLC to start a platform where they would offer affordable air tickets to travelers. Putting their experience and knowledge of air ticketing logistics in place, they were able to start Cheap Ticket Shop LLC where travelers could get access to an un-manipulated listing of air tickets – both domestic and international.

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Cheap Ticket Shop LLC offers a unique blend of inspirational travel search functionality and technology. It’s not just another cheap ticketing platform like its competitors. On the contrary, it is a true blue travel companion striving to be a global brand; making your travel affordable.

Cheap Ticket Shop LLC recognizes that it in the end, it is about people and what they love most. We are unbiased and we are a place where travelers come and are inspired to plan their next vacation from thousands of travel option at the best prices.

  • First Class Flights

  • 5 Star Accommodations

  • Inclusive Packages

  • Latest Model Vehicles

  • Handpicked Hotels

  • Accesibility managment

  • 10 Languages available

  • +120 Premium city tours

Our Values

We offer daily tours

Booking is not a drawn out process, we have made it easy ! Simply email us with your preferred tour and dates and we will send out the relevant tour information and forms for you to complete.

Best price guarantee

We guarantee you always get the lowest price when you reserve Flight Tickets, Hotel And car through an official Cheap Ticket Shop LLC... or we'll match the lower price and give you an extra 20% discount.

Epic journeys

Not looking for a group tour? We can help you design your perfect vacation anywhere in the world. We can also help you book your cruise, plan your destination wedding or your family Disney vacation. Call us today for all of your travel needs.

Never lose your deposit

Deposits for Life cannot be combined and only one deposit can be applied to your next tour.